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Splatoon Question

Had anyone else who has played the Splatana Wiper/Stamper realized just how good they are and went from hating it to being really good with it? Like once you figure it out and get used to it, it's actually not that bad! My only issue with the Splatana Stamper is the fact that it has the worst super in the game. Zipcaster. The Zipcaster is absolutely amazing in the Story Mode/Campaign, but in real matches it does you no good unless you're equipped with an Octobrush. Anyway, that's enough of my rambling, see you soon. <3 Bye bye!

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i really wish they let us pick our own kits!! limiting our choice of special only hurts weapon comps. it'd be fun to be able to play whatever i want when i'm in a team rather than being like "i wanna play brush or sploosh but the special is shit, so i'll go something boring"

correct me if im wrong, but i think stamper got buffed? either way, splatanas seem to be the kind of weapon that's hard to get used to, but really fun once you master it. i'm glad you're having fun with it!! keep going!! i'm not quite there yet but i wish i was~

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Honestly!!! It would be amazing if we could choose! Like let's be honest, Stamper with Zopcaster immediately hurts the weapon, I never use it ever. Zipcaster is literally THE WORST!

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