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Entry #3: 01/28/23



January’s almost over! However, I haven’t been exempt from winter’s bite. I got a cold a few days ago, but thankfully I’ve been fighting it off well and I feel much better. Wednesday was alright, so was Thursday, but the real kicker was Friday (and only because of one moment!). 

I was sitting in the cafeteria when suddenly, I was hit with flecks of water. It was if a brief rainstorm had been flung my way. I usually sit alone, so people around looked at me to see if I would protest. But I didn’t. A boy (probably a freshman) asked if I was alright and if I knew what had happened. I really don’t know what happened. But there was a trashcan behind me and this leads me to think someone was trying to throw a water bottle away and the water happened to get all over me. The rest of the lunch shift I had a hard time containing my laughter because of the absurdity of that moment. In a way, I wish there were more moments like these in my life (preferably with less water)!

I have a bunch of stuff that I need to do tomorrow, and a lot of stuff to do before the month ends. I don’t understand why everything must be due at the end of the month!

Also my birthday is almost here! I’ll be eighteen. I’ll likely post my ruminations later, though.

Lastly, I have been consuming so much They Might Be Giants music right now that it’s not even funny! Man, they’re so silly and cool in such a charming way! They have so much music and they’re still going! Again, I‘ll probably make some future posts about them, like my top ten songs, and why I like them in general later.

This week was such a weird week. I got some of the best and worst sleep ever. I was both sick and well. The duality of man, I suppose?

Ĝis morgaŭ,

αѕтяαgєηєѕιѕ ⏤͟͟͞͞★


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i luv how even though u got hit with some water, u laughed it off and carried on with ur day! u seem so positive and i luv that!!

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thank you so much!

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