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Sitting here smoking

Laying on my floorbed, which has a mattress topper which doesn't stop moving I legit have to get up every 5 minutes and push it back against the wall. Anyway I write this, cigarette in hand because I have literally nothing else to do. I love this new gen bootleg myspace an my intuition tells me to keep at it. So bored on instagram. I need something better and this looks like fun.

Anyway I have to move out of my house in a few days, back to my mums where i dont even have a room, my older brother split from his girlfriend of 10 years and ha to move back in so the living floor it is for me, I don't even mind that much but she doesn't let me smoke cigarettes inside which sucks , you will come to learn cigarettes and old charity shop clothes are my personality. I also think I am a main character in Sex and the city my brother apply named my show Hex and the city. although I like Hex and the citadel of Hekate's infinite wisdom. 

so yh my 1st post, I bet i will read this and 10 yrs and want to die but for now I live . For now lolz

Ben xoxo

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