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I've been stuck in my creepypasta phase for a long time now and it's really hard finding good fanfics so Imma list out the ones I found really intriguing!! X3!! I'll be listing out ones from Quotev and Wattpad. (Disclaimer: I have really bad commentary skillz.)

  • Freaks [Reader x Proxies] 

Author: feisty (teaheart)

The characters are well-thought out and the plot is well-structured! It's a slow burn and it has a bunch of wholesome moments!! I love that the author didn't base Toby's character all on his trauma. They really went in-depth with all the proxies' personalities! Easily one of my favorite fanfics ever!!!

  • 365 Days (Eyeless Jack x Reader) 

Author: Peaches (Peaches04)

This story was really fun to read and it had me crying on summer nights. I was ranting about it to my friends and I'm sure they got sick of me xD. Also, Jack is British???

  • To Live Without Fear (Jeff the Killer x Reader) 

Author: JCreeps

If you're into the classics, this one is perfect. It got me feeling like I was in a music video and it was just soo fun to read. The reader is competent and Jeff isn't a complete jerk!

  • Spill Your Guts (Proxies x Reader) 

Author: Abby, Rea (ItsABee, whyamiathing)

The authors did a good job of describing events, yk using senses and descriptive words; It felt like I really was in the story! The pacing is also well done. I remember reading this in class and getting in trouble T_T. I just couldn't stop reading! If you love Proxies x Reader fics, they also made another one called Your Turn to Die!

  • The Hunt is On (EJ, Jane the Killer, Clockwork x Reader) 

Author: Abby, Rea (ItsABee, whyamiathing)

Okay, another one by the same authors. Personally, I like fanfics where Slenderman isn't like a father figure and more like a vicious entity and this story just has that. While Jeff is the main antagonist of this story, Slenderman also pops up in situations and just makes the story a lot more interesting!.

  • The Game (Jeff the Killer x Reader) 

Author: CuteHybristophiliac

This fanfic is actually kinda wild. Jeff is not nice at all. This one is not for everyone. It goes through deep psychological abuse and might be triggering for some. I didn't like Jeff at all and just stayed for the plot. It's one of those "Do you really like it, or do you like it cause of nostalgia?"

  • The Patient (F. Reader x Homicidal Liu) 

Author: Hana (hana555)

The story was really cute and I loved all the romantic scenes! I did not see the ending coming at all. THE WAY THE AUTHOR DESCRIBED LIU AND EVERYTHING.

  • Chains (Eyeless Jack x Reader) - 

Author: ValetinesDayGreen 

A classic. I read this a long time ago and it's one of the most memorable creepypasta stories I've read. Can't say much about it right now, but I took a great liking to the author's portrayal of EJ. I need to reread x3.

  • Playing Favorites (Ticci Toby x Reader)

Author: Sowfi (LetterToJane)

The relationship is really complicated and it pulls on your heartstrings a lot. Honestly, I can't remember anything about the plot since I read this a long time ago but I remember liking it a lot.

I'll add more in the future!

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omg! I have experience with fanfics, but I really needed some directions with creepypasta ones. My creepypasta phase started in early middle school and I had no interest in reading fanfics back then. Now I'm starving for some new content with these old characters and I wasn't sure where to start or find good ones. So this is really helpful, ty!!!

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