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i need a nerdy boy ;(


i just want a nerdy boy ;( 

i need one man smh. I'm a nerd myself n it seems like all i attract are douches :|

its like- kinda an obsession now lolll, I just want my own nerdy boy to read/sing wimme :((

I've already ranted to my bsf ab it but I feel dumb TwT

does anyone else like nerdy boys?? it seems like only me n my bsf like them, but I know there's gotta be other peoples who feel my pain ughhhhhu (>﹏<)

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FRRRRRR but like douches that are only nice to YOU? aaaAAaAAAAaAAAAAAAAAaaa none of them b*tches that listen to ONLY rap though. I like rap but I listen to other things too, bucko.

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I get what you mean, especially when they wear glasses. thing is even nerdy men can be horrible so stay safe no matter who you date 💜

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