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Introduction !!

Hi! I am very new & joined since one of my friends & my gf are on here. I love 2000s style forums like this so :} omg

I'm 18 and use she/they pronouns. some facts abt me are:

- I'm really into music! I love finding new ppl to get into, I'm mostly into artists such as Mitski, The Cure, Lucy Dacus, Boa, and Deftones :}

- Current in my first year of college, studying art for my associates, I hope to major in graphic design & minor in creative writing! rn my life is kinda 90% academia 10% my own stuff unfortunately but yk

- I play genshin, I've been into it since dec 2020 and atp am only still around for the metaslave stuff. sry ppl who actually enjoy the game LMAO

- rly into fashion. I love the goth/grunge styles of the 90s. Sorta slowly working to make my closet actually reflect that though. It's been like 3 years in the making since I have nooo energy

- Super interested in game dev. I wanna work in the industry as a UX designer & maybe later work on my own or a smaller indie studio. Finally started messing with Unity over the summer w my gf and I hope to actually begin development on my first game this spring or summer (even if its just storyboarding/learning more abt how to use unity)

I accept all friend req from people who are OVER 15 or UNDER 24! If you have no age on ur profile I'm declining u :{ sorry !

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