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entry #5, a saturday full of love. 1/28/23

oh man oh MAN OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

where do i even begin??? i'm so fucking in love!!!! the both are them are literally so ethereally beautiful it's so >__<!!!

my heart genuinely tightens whenever i see their faces and it's just so. surreal. i love them both so much. i wish i could be together with one of them. ideally both. i love them so so so so so so much THEY GIVE ME SO MUCH HAPPINESS WAAAA <33

first it's her. i dont even know what to put here. she is genuinely STUNNING. she's so cute she's so pretty and she's such a joy to talk to <3333 i love her so much

and its puppy too!! like. its so beautiful its so sweet and its also a joy to talk to i love it so much aswell!!!!!!!

overall - i am MADLY in love.

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