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train trouble and food for thoughts

Ok so today was full of ups and down, it came out overall frustrating but I can't lie it was nice. The frustrating part was due to the fact that I had to spend much more money than intended (I hate spending out of my control yk)

So, I had a train to catch around 1pm, so I decided to take food to go as a brunch. None of the places where I wanted to go were open, so as last resort I took something close to the train station to not get any more late. 

Turns out...I wasn't at the right train station. The right one was 30 minutes away from where I was and the train was in 20 minutes. 

I was very panicky but yk in these situations I can't afford to freeze up and stress out I had to take care of my problem and myself as quickly as possible while soothing myself be able to function.(this is pretty new to me ok usually I'm organized enough to know where I come from and go, or I'm with someone that knows. Adult life is so new to me I didn't know fucking up was such a regular occurence.) 

As I was taking new train tickets and calculating a new route someone was playing a very stressful music on the train station's piano. I felt like it was making me go faster(probably not). 

Anyway the new route was more expensive and I was very stressed out and sad so I called my best friend. She reassured me and calmed me down so well I got teary eyed. She also lived in the city I had to wait my train for in so she met me at the train station and we hung out it was nice, I like seeing her.

Everything went well then, I went in an old ass train and slept so much, like two seats away, someone was sleeping too but in an opposite position to mine. I felt like we were sleeping in the same giant train bed. It was nice. I ended up completely curled up on my stuff,,, like that sleep was heavy

I also had to change plans and tickets just tonight cause I'm staying a day longer where I am atm. This day was loaded in feelings.

I also need to finish crocheting my winter projects because I need more ample clothes for my brand new navel piercing.

Ps: if you were wondering i started my oil painting it was low-key ugly because it's the first layer.(it's a kind of trust the process thing). It was mad ugly but I can't wait to continue it and see it bloom into a good painting. I'll give it to my mom, she'll have to hang it somewhere, even if it turns out bad >:) 

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Glad for the better parts of your day, and glad that the downs are over :^) I also crochet! I've been working on a snood with devil horns but I'm not good at finishing yarn projects (it will never see the light of day....)

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That's so nice ! Yeah crocheting requires so much patience and willingness to do the same thing over and over again. I usually get bored easily so I do new projects only once.

I think watching a show or listening to a story helps a lot to get the job done!

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