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Left Behind: The Rise of The Antichrist is probably one of the worst movies I have ever had the displeasure of being subjected to (thanks peepaw). The movie is about world post-rapture, this world is incredibly non religious. The rapture is simply called the "vanishing" and it is being used to push the political climate of the setting (I will explain this more later, its just as fucking insane as you can imagine).
Scene opens in a news station, and our first main character Buck. Who is a news anchor and he has a scientist on the scene with him. Not only does it open with Science isn't real AND technology is evil it also hit us with anti vaxx joke with in the first 10 minutes of the movie. It was exciting to see how godawful this shit was and I was ready <3. Also Buck has this consistent figth back n forth with higher ups whos are "idc abt the population and the TRUTH buckster i like MONEY." and hes like"wtf........i dont...." but anyways. Our second main character is Rayford Steele, Husband of, now missing, Irene Steele and father of two. Irene and his son were both taken when the rapture happened. Rayford was a pilot and was flying mid air when half of his passengers and co pilot just fucking vanished. Basically him and his daughter have collective trauma and are in denial that Jesus is real. Chloe goes eepy in her missing brothers bed where Jesus (they also depicted Jesus as a white man, i am not surprised but man *pensive*) visits her ans tells her to get fucked because shes a sinner and doesn't get to be with her brother and mom lol!.
I would also like to say theres a random narrator through out the entire fucking movie????? LIKE HES JUST THERE AND HE NARRATES AT THE WEIRDEST PARTS

BACK to Buck, turns out he has a hacker friend, Dirk, who has discovered that most of the media and all corps are owned by one man, The Eden company (so just like real life lmao) and Buck is shocked by this. But essentially they figure out that all the fear mongering about the rapture is being made up and is being used to push people into submission so theyre easier to control. So Buck is basically on this crusade to prove that the scientists and media are lying to the public.

We go back to Ray and hes trying to look into the rapture but most stuff about it has been taken off the internet so he goes to Irene's old church. Which has "All Souls Matter" spray painted across it! Interesting choice movie sure hope this doesn't allude to anything in real life! Anyways Ray enters the church through a back door after following a blood trail...which leads to a pig's (the animal) head nailed to a cross. This is where the narrator kicks in and reveals hes just, a normal fucking guy???????? Our narrator who is now revealed to be Pastor Bruce Barnes is one of the people who was left behind in the rapture and with Ray's help he manages to truly believe in god for the first time.

Meanwhile Chloe gets mugged in broad daylight at knife point, only comes out with a light cut and proceeds to scream into the grass pathetically. Before she goes to the doctor and gets bullied by the token sassy black woman of the cast.

Back to Buck once again, turns out the media has now faked a Second Wave of the rapture and he has to report on it. Basically theyre telling people that more people have disappeared and are now using people's fear and desperation to unite them all under a "New World Order". (Stares at the camera with a strained smile) Buck does not like this. Dirk manages to hack into the Eden companies' new app, Eden pay, which they plan on using to unite all citizens. Dirk tells Buck about everything they have found, including the fact that Eden pay will be used to control everyone. It's essentially the bible verse about satan's mark on people yknow?.

Buck gets all this info to show his higher up, when a politician comes onto the Tv. I genuinely forgot his fucking name but hes the Antichrist. One of his cowokers who wants his job has seen that he left all his fucking evidence OUT IN THE OPEN AND SHE TAKES PHOTOS OF IT. WHICH GETS HIS SHOW CANCELLED LIKE OH MY GOD BUCK. Anyways he goes to his higher up, his show get cancelled. He goes to Dirk to talk abt meeting w/the person who gave dirk insider info. They go to pick up one of Buck's buddies first. While Dirk is in the car he realizes theres a fucking bomb and gets exploded.

I forgot to mention but theres this constant back n forth plot with Ray and Chloe where Ray is like "Chloe please come to church its really cool and epic" and she basically is like "NO DAD I HATE RELIGION.". But during one of these convos the lady who was bullying chloe hears this and gets the doctor lady to take them both to the church. Where they all have a religious awakening with Pastor Barnes. Chloe leaves because she has something to do.

Chloe goes and digs up someones fucking grave.  Buck shows up and they open the casket. The body is gone. God is real. I genuinely have no words.

I forgot to mention Chloe and Buck are dating because its not important AT ALL. It just happens in the bg mostly. Anyways They go back to the church, Chloe is like u should join us and Buck is liek Chloe i hate religion blah blah he will get converted later. He has a phone call w/one of the prime ministers to explain the eden pay app is evil and then hangs up to meet the guy But before he leaves he notices one of the things written on the wall about the rapture and its aftermath was the password for the Eden Pay app's security or whatever so he decides to listen. He doesnt really get it and leaves but before he can go Chloe gives him a cross necklace she stole from the fucking casket.

Buck goes to the meeting, He talks to the prime minister of Israel(???) and he mentions the peace treaty is for 7 years. Buck goes to the bathroom n has a religious awakening and breaks down into tears. it is very awkward. He goes back out and the meeting begins and he exposes the app and the creator behind it (which has falsely assumed to be the antichrist) The real antichrist reveals himself and fucking kills the other guy and brainwashes everyone to think it was an assassination. Buck only remembers because of that stupid fucking cross necklace.

Him and his buddy set up a prerecorded message that exposes to the whole world that god is real and the bible was right as buck gets chased by the fucking feds. Chloe and Ray have a tiny plane and waiting for him, which he escapes into. Movie fucking ends.

I feel fucking crazy

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