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im facing a huge dilemma which could typically be solved easily by a person who is in touch with their feelings but.. I am not one of those people. Not sure what to do, I feel as if I want to please everyone but if I try and do that I'm gonna end up just hurting someone instead ykwim. It's so hard to have so many people rely on you, to have so many people trust you, to have so many people love you. It seems great yeah? but it's really difficult. and then when it comes to certain moments everyone expects you to choose them and only them but what if I don't wanna just be on one persons side? What if I don't want to choose a side. When will people be on my side?? 

this is not a vent or anything btw

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Demon cat

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I think you should set more boundaries, pleasing everyone isn’t good for yourself and it will take too much energy while people just expect it from you without giving back any of the energy ya know, it can be hard at first since you’re not used to it and the people around you might say your changing but having boundaries isn’t a negative thing

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I do want to set boundaries and stuff but it's so difficult because I would hate to do anything to make someone unhappy or upset at me even if it wouldn't be my fault.

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it seem like you get out of your way to help people and it just seems selfish on their part to get upset if you don’t help, it’s quite unreasonable since your doing them a favor and believe me you don’t want that type of people around you

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