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i'm toby! i'm a 17 yr old mlm kenochoric + voidpunk trans man. i'm autistic + my special interestz are adventure time, cryptidz/mythical creaturez, and a few more. i play the guitar, draw, and sometimez skate. i like A LOT of media, but i forget everything the moment i need to list thingz. i am an oc maker and i'm interested in emo culture, and if you didn't notice, i use a typing quirk. idk how long i'll be active on here, but i'm okay with im'z. just a warning, i typically match energy so if ur dry the conversation will go nowhere. i use tone tagz by default so tell me if you don't want me to use them! #1 ena fictkin

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i don't really have a dni, just basic stuff :P


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