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RIGHT idrk whut this is gonna be about im just gonna ramble on cause im bored aff. Im currently waitin for my boyfriend to come back from grocerie shopping with his mum and I MISS HIM SOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHH.But it isnt a perfect world and bob ross said all good things come with patience of somethib idkkk. I dont know if im hungry, really cold or in urgent need of a piss, it is probably all of these things but im too fuckin lazy to acctuallly do anything about all of this, my bed is wayyy to comftarble rightnow. On my bed i have: a pokemon blanket, a long ass fox plush (which i pretend is my boyfriend while i cuddle it), a deer squishimallow, a cow guy that looks high as shit ( i really wonder who desinged this thing and what they where on but i love it), a scruffy dog guy that i got for free, 5 pillows, all my ponies and many more plushies cause i refuse to let any of them go. I call my bed assland and it is my kingdom, i thrive here it is my natural habitat, i am peaking whenever im on here.  OKay i should probably go piss now omg.OKAYY imm backk, pissing feels so good ong like what did i do to deserve such a heavenly experience, its so easy and quick yet soo relieving ong, i think dying is gonna feel like pissing, such a relief. I told my friends about the pissing thing and they dont seem to agree so maybe it doesnt feel so good forothers, who knows *shrug*. I do think dying feels diffrent for each person tho depending on like who you are and what youve done. For example if youve been like a chill person death feels good and like an ending, a relief, like a hug idkk. But if youve been a complete asshole it feels regretful?? IDKK pleas dobt ask me to explain im so bad at pputtin thoguhts into worddssss aaaaaaaaaaaa. WHo the fuck is reading thus like who has sat threw this entire thing idk. Anyways if you did all of tat thanks?? you deserve some sort of award , thanks for listenin to my udmbass blong friend :-)

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