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get to know me

name: luka

nickname:  luke

how old are you: 19   

zodiac sign: leo 

current location: canada

eye color: blue/grey/green

hair color: black/faded red+brown

hair type: wavy, used to be curly but dye damage :')

height: 5'11

your heritage: german and french

what's your middle name: starts with a d

shoe's you wore today: doc martins, i own nothing else     

your fear: being alone/forgotten

goal you would like to achieve this year: survive this semester and the next lmao

first thought when you wake up: usually wondering if my gf texted me

best physical feature: uuh maybe my eyes?

who is your bestest friend: my gf

when is your bedtime: i don't got one

your most cherished memory: i guess i have a lot but most recent would be a date i went on with my gf   

pepsi or coke: coke zero

mcdonalds or burgerking: don't really like either, but burger king poutine slaps

single or group dates: single

what is the last song you sang: confetti - charlotte cardin

does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: doesn't really matter to me but i am a musician so would be cool

what is your biggest pet peeve: interrupting or micro-managing

do you drink: ah ha ha-

ever been drunk: grade 10-11was a time and last year wasn't much better (update: we not any better)

do you smoke: used to (update: whoops)

do you "SMOKE": also used to, but now i just take edibles (update: every night lmaoo)

do you sing: yea

what color underwear do you have on: black

do you want to go to college: in uni rn

have you ever been in love: yeah

do you want to get married: wouldn't mind.. either that or just promise rings

do you believe in yourself: i be tryn'

do you believe in others: depends on the person  

do you like thunderstorms: yeah, i like watching them from my windows

do you play an instrument: a few, mostly piano 

what did you want to be when you grow up: astronaut farmer

what country would you like to visit: ireland/uk, germany, italy, korea, many more...

how many CD's do you own: too many

how many DVD's do you own: a handful- mostly joke movies or discounted horror movies from walmart  

how many tattoo's do you have: lost count, probably around 20-30

how many piercings do you have: 8, had 10 but took 2 out 

how many things in the past do you regret: a lot but that's common

favourite shoes: doc martins

favourite drink: the white monster or coke zero

favourite car: dodge challanger and charger, porshe 911 turbo s

favourite place: i like my apartment 

favourite song: rn argyle by brakence or confetti by charlotte cardin

favourite movie: rn nacho libre lmao

favourite moment: first "date" with my gf 

favourite color: emerald green

favourite meal: tomato soup and toast with cheese and chili flakes 

what is todays date: 13/03/23

what time is it: 2:07am

who are you thinking of: my gf ngl

what are you listening to: fuck this town by glaive + ericdoa

do you love someone: yes :)

does someone love you: yessss    

is it raining: yup- spring

how many myspace friends do you have: 8??

are you happy: moderately, but mostly yes i think

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