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Forgiven Fate

My time is almost up, my words are losing pages

The sixth Angel sounds and begins loosening cages

Men dressed in white, eagerly checking the testings

Numb and Dazed out my mind, drifters long for the taking

Blinded by the warm fading light, I reach out as they steal my blessing

All they’re eyes I have to feed

Crowned me like Ishtar, cries for my seed

Stuck in my trance, a necklace of a thousand rings

He softly uttered welcome home to perfection and greed

Angels depart to build new soil

Left behind, I’d rather be covered in beetles and boils

They all sit on my bed and paint me in sweat and oil

The crows swarm around me, using their feathers as my veil

Remembering my eyes, singing mantras, viciously caught in their cern

Time is almost up, the seventh angel sounds the new tale

Flesh burns slowly into ashes, men dressed in black save me from what I earned

To his beauty you could never imagine 

To his beauty I know why eve sinned

To his beauty under Geneva we blaspheme in Latin 

To his beauty my soul eternally ascend

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