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EDIT: He's finally been banned!!

TW: this post goes into detail about zoophilia and pedophilia. You have been warned.

So, there's a user on site, Chris Darkheart (link here: ) who I got a friend request from, I didn't think much of it until I looked at his linked websites and went on the page that he has linked, which is here: .

 Already, there are a ton of red flags here. First of all, here's him asking if he's allowed to post AI art featuring naked children. He has 2 posts of the Zeta symbol which is used as a zoophile icon, seen here and here. Things got even worse when I saw that he posted a link to his Twitter account, which has even worse stuff on it. On his Twitter account, he is following multiple zoophile accounts, seen below: (for context, "zoo" in this context is short for "zoophiles", and these accounts are all seen using the zeta symbol which is a zoophile code, the lipstick and fortune cookies are also zoophile codes for reasons I don't even feel comfortable explaining.)

As well as a zoophile, he is also a MAP, or at least a supporter of them, as shown by him complaining about MAPs getting banned, seen below:

and here's him literally celebrating the fact that an AI art program allows him to generate child porn on it:

and.. these..

Edit: here's a post of him getting banned from Zooville (A zoophile and beastiality community) for being a pedo. 

(There were also dozens upon dozens of loli/shota/proship crap on his account too but I feel like the straight up zoophilia and pedophilia is the biggest concern of all)

Once again, here's the link to his profile if you want to report him, his SpaceHey is here: and his Twitter is here if you want to report/block him there too: . 

EDIT: He's finally been banned! This is great. Thank you to everyone who gave this post kudos and reported him. I will still keep this post up for evidence of what he did though, and so that you can still report/block him on other sites he is on such as Twitter. 

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luckily most of them are trolls

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no they aren't lol

by psycho; ; Report

most i see are

by scenemo.mess666; ; Report

maybe if you Open Your Eyes

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this is so disturbing wtf

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ikr, and he's still not banned.

by SherbetToons; ; Report