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Bleach Karaoke Madness Chapter 1

Hey there everyone, I'm writing a Bleach fanfic and I wanted to post some of the chapters I have here for people to read. It's called Bleach Karaoke Madness, I hope everyone likes it.

Chapter 1: Prelude To The Madness

"Why are we going to the bus stop in such a hurry Orihime?" the orange haired boy asked, being pulled hurriedly by his friend, and fellow schoolmate. The girl in question, Orihime Inoue, turned to face Ichigo with her brown eyes showing excitement. She was a slender girl with dark brown eyes, and had long dark orange flowing hair. She was wearing a pink dress with frilled sleeves and and a light brown coat over it, she had white socks that came to her knees and wore her casual black shoes. "Come on Ichigo, Tatsuki said there's a new pub that plays karaoke every night. I told Uryuu and the others we'd meet them at the bus stop and we'll all go together." Ichigo Kurosaki raised an eyebrow, "Karaoke? That just sounds lame and boring," He had bright orange hair, often the cause of jokes, brown eyes, and was wearing a short sleeve white shirt with a jacket vest over it and wearing blue jeans and brand new black converses. "Aww, come on Ichigo. It won't be boring, it'll be so much fun and everyone's going to be there. Rukia and Renji said they even invited some of the captains and lieutenants down to join in the fun, so come on, let's go." Orihime persuaded. Ichigo sighed, and rubbed the back of his head. "Oh alright, I'll come with you." he sighed as they continued walking down the dark street. Under the soft glow of the street lights up ahead they saw four more figures standing at the street corner, Orihime smiled brightly and waved. "Hey there everyone! Come on Ichigo, let's hurry." "Hey there Orihime," said a black haired young girl, smiling as Orihime and Ichigo approached. The girl had on a light blue dress with black shoes, she had shoulder length black hair with one strand falling just close to her face and dark purple eyes, around her neck she had a simple silver necklace. "Hi Rukia, thanks for joining us." Orihime answered happily. Rukia Kuchiki, a soul reaper and member of the proud Gotei 13's Squad 13 nodded. "No problem, this karaoke sounds like fun. I've read about activties in the World Of The Living and karaoke seems to be common, it should be fun." Ichigo grinned, addressing a boy about his height wearing glasses. "Hey Uryuu, I'm surprised you're coming with us. I thought your skills were in fashion and sewing," "There are other things to do Ichigo, Orihime asked if I would join you guys tonight to have a group night out so I accepted." said the boy Quincy named Uryuu Ishida. Rukia's best friend, fellow Soul Reaper and lieutenant of Squad 6, Renji Abarai nodded and grinned, his bright red ponytail bobbing. "Rukia's right, it sounds like a lot of fun. I think the other members of the Gotei are going to be there too, Rukia and I both told everyone else." Orihime nodded and smiled, "Alright then, let's go! Tatsuki said it's down this street here right beside the new diner that just opened."

They walked the rest of the way in silence, soon coming to a small and very plainly tan painted pub. A red sign with large white letters read 'Karakura Karaoke Pub', "This doesn't look like anything special," commented Ichigo, reading the sign. "It looks like a nice little place if you just want to come by and have a relaxing night." replied Ichigo's friend, Yasutora Sado, commonly called Chad. Orihime smiled and nodded, "Chad's right, it looks so cute." "Are we going to go in then, or are we just going to stand outside all night?" questioned Renji, growing restless. Orihime nodded, "Yeah, let's go in and see what it's like. Opening the black wooden door all the friends walked into the small pub, the mild smell of cigarette smoke hung in the air and the long bar ran against the wall. There were small black tables and chairs on the dark green carpet, pool tables lined the very back of the pub by the restrooms. "What is Aizen and his group doing here?" Renji questioned, noticing the familiar face of Sosuke Aizen, former captain of Squad 5. He was wearing the plain white outfits of Hueco Mundo and had wavy short brown hair that was slicked back, looking over at the group, he just grinned. "Don't worry about them Renji, let's just join the rest of the Gotei." Rukia stated as she walked over to one of the tables where a man who had black hair clipped with white clips sat. "Brother, I'm glad you decided to come." Ichigo looked over at the man in question and raised his eyebrow, "Byakuya, you came too?" The captain of Squad 6, and the Head of the Kuchiki family looked at Ichigo with his steel gray eyes, "Rukia asked me if I would join the rest of the Gotei, I have no other business to attend to so I decided to come." Instead of his captain's haroi, Bykuya wore a green long sleeve polo shirt with blue jeans and black shiny dress shoes. Looking around, Ichigo noticed that everyone there, accept for Aizen and the Espada were dressed in civilian clothing. "Wow, this place is really popular tonight." Renji noted, looking around at the full tables. "That's because most of the people here are people we invited." replied Rukia, sitting down at one of the small round tables beside Orihime. "Hey there Ichigo, I'm glad you made it to join the fun." said Shunsui Kyoraku, Captain of Squad 8, as he waltzed up to Ichigo, having already begun drinking. Ichigo looked up at the easy-going captain, "Shunsui, I didn't know you were going to be here." "Sure, we all came. Old Man Yama thought we could use a night of fun, so all the Squads came." Shunsui was the Captain of Squad 8 in the Gotei 13, one of the oldest captains, he had been personally trained by Captain of Squad 1, Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto. He was well known among the Gotei for his very laid back attitude, and never seeming to take anything seriously. However, those who knew Shunsui best, knew that he had a true genuine concern for all those he considered dear to him. Instead of his normal white captain's jacket with his pink flowered haori, Shunsui wore a dark blue dress shirt and black dress pants, with black shoes. His long brown hair was tied back in its usual ponytail. Rukia smiled and bowed her head respectfully at the man sitting next to Shunsui, his best friend, and Captain of Squad 13, Jushiro Ukitake. "I'm glad you felt well enough to join us all tonight Captain," "Hey Jushiro, shouldn't you be resting? It doesn't seem like a good idea for someone like you to be exposed to all the smoke and alcohol." replied Ichigo, regarding the man in question. Jushiro Ukitake was Shunsui's best friend, and the Captain of Squad 13. Ukitake had been sick with Tuberculosis since his days in the Soul Reaper Academy, his frequent illness meant that most of his normal Captain's duties were handled by his two third seats, Kiyone Kotestsu and Sentaro Kotsubaki. Ukitake smiled kindly, "It's alright Ichigo, I've been feeling very well recently. I wanted to enjoy myself with everyone tonight, I'll be okay so you don't have to worry." he answered. In the back of the pub, sitting around by the pool tables, were a group of 8 people. They kept to themselves, not making any attempts to mingle with the members of the Gotei or Aizen and the Espada. "This is such a great idea Shinji, this should be great fun tonight." chirped the short girl with green hair. The man being addressed gave a wide grin, "Thanks Mashiro, I thought so too. What better way to keep our enemy close and keep an eye on Ichigo at the same time," A girl with blond hair done in pigtails frowned, smacking Shinji in the head, "Dumbass! What good is coming to a place like this going to do us, Ichigo is supposed to be training to control his inner hollow!" "Shut up Hiyori, he can't train 24/7! We're also keeping an eye on what Aizen is up to, it's not all about Ichigo!" Shinji yelled back, thus beginning another of their regular arguments. Kensei Muguruma scowled, "You're both idiots, this is embarrassing so will you both just shut up already." "This should interesting, everyone is probably going to be drunk by the end of the night." Love Aikawa replied, already on his third beer for the night. Sipping his wine, Sosuke Aizen sat calmly, being aware of everyone around him, a cold smile on his face. "So Captain Aizen, what brought about this little outing?" questioned Gin Ichimaru, looking over at Aizen with his fox-like eyes. "No particular reason, I just thought it would be something new and different." Aizen answered. Ichimaru gave Aizen another questioning look, "Aren't you worried about what the Soul Reapers will do?" "There's nothing to worry about, Head Captain Yamamoto will never allow anything to get out of hand. By the way Gin, what's with the camera?" he asked, indicating the digital camera that was sitting on the table. "I want to take pictures of tonight for my scrap book, it'll be fun." answered Ichimaru, giving Aizen his sly grin. Sitting over at his table with his captain, lieutenant, and 5th seat, the bald man let out an annoying sigh. "It's so damn loud in this place, how are we supposed to hear anyone talk?" "It's something to do, puts off doing paper work for the time being." replied Kenpachi Zaraki, the bells in his hair jingling. "This is going to be so much fun Kenny, we'll get to watch people make fools of themselves. Baldy is just being a buzz kill, so don't mind him." Yachiru Kusajishi said, hopping up and down on her captain's shoulder. The man scowled at her, "What are you even doing here, children aren't supposed to be in bars." "I'd have to agree with Ikkaku, I think it's against the law for a little kid to be in a bar." stated Yumichika Aysegawa, 5th seat of Squad 11, nodding in agreement with Ikkaku. "Hey, I'm not a kid! I'm a ranked member of the Gotei, and I'm just as good as any other lieutenant. Plus, I have to protect Kenny and make sure nothing happens to him." answered Yachiru, glaring at Ikkaku and Yumichika. Ikkaku sighed, "I don't the captain needs to be protected, it's not like he can't take care of himself."

Around that time the DJ announced the start of karaoke for the night, Uryuu stood up. "Don't tell me you're going to sing," Ichigo said, raising an eyebrow. "You're just afraid of someone being better then you, I didn't come here to not have fun." answered Uryuu, smirking at Ichigo. Ichigo glared at the Quincy, "Oh please, I have nothing to be afraid about." Uryuu pushed up his glasses as he walked up to the stage, "We'll just see then, won't we?" "Wow, I didn't know Uryuu liked to sing." remarked Orihime, looking over at Ichigo. "Neither did I, I thought his only interests were fashion and sewing." he said. Uryuu put in his request and waited for the song to start, a soft melody echoed through the two large speakers on either side of him.

"This is what I brought you, this you can keep.

This is what I brought, you may forget me.

I promised to depart, just promise one thing.

Kiss my eyes, and lay me to sleep."

The song began to get more upbeat as it continued, normally soft spoken, Uryuu projected his voice out to the crowd and hit each note with perfect pitch. As he sang he thought of only one person, the only person he had ever felt himself truly fall in love with and having to witness her death while being unable to do anything.

"This is what I brought, this you can keep.

This is what I brought, you may forget me.

I promised you my heart, just promise to sing.

Kiss my eyes, and lay me to sleep."

"Who knew Uryuu could actually sing," Ichigo remarked, slightly impressed by Uryuu's voice. "This is such a sad, yet romantic song." said Orihime, sighing happily. "Don't you know who he's talking about Ichigo?" Rukia questioned, having figured it out when Uryuu started singing. Ichigo looked at Rukia with a puzzled expression on his face, "What are you talking about?" "You idiot, he's talking about the Bount, Yoshino. Have you forgotten that he witnessed her death?" sighed Renji, trying to figure out how Ichigo could be so clueless. "Uryuu was in love with her?" Ichigo asked, surprised. "Of course he loved her Ichigo, don't you ever pay attention to anything?" Rukia answered, giving Ichigo a disapproving look. "Hey shut up, how was I supposed to know that? I don't keep up with Uryuu's love life," Ichigo shot back, glaring at Rukia and Renji. Meanwhile Gin was busy snapping pictures of Uryuu's performance, Uryuu glared at him as he went into the final verses of the song.

"Kiss my eyes, and lay me to sleep.

This is what I thought, I thought you needed me.

This is what I thought, so think me naïve.

I promised you a heart, you promised to keep.

Kiss my eyes, and lay me to sleep.

Kiss my eyes, and lay me to...sleep."

Everyone was impressed by how well Uryuu could sing, everyone in the audience clapped as Uryuu stepped off the stage and went back to his seat. Orihime smiled happily, "That was such a touching song Uryuu, you're a master at singing." "Thank you Orihime, I'm glad you enjoyed it." answered Uryuu. "I had no idea your voice was that good Uryuu," Rukia said. "I've taken a few singing lessons before." answered Uryuu. Looking over at Ichigo who seemed to be lost for words, Uryuu could tell what was going through his mind. "Let me guess Ichigo, you think you can do better?" "Sure I could, want to bet on it?" replied Ichigo with confidence as he glared at Uryuu. "Fine, why don't you show all of us what you can do." Uryuu challenged, pushing up his glasses. "I'll show you I'm just as good, if not better then you." declared Ichigo, marching up to the stage.

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