Pls review my audio experience for me, i would love to know y’all’s opinions on it :D

I have been working and writing on a story for my oc, and i like- accidentally wrote an interview like thing, so i wanted to convert that into audio, and here i am, it’s fully voiced by AI, written by me, and edited by me, i would love for people to share an opinion ab the thing so i have motivation to write more and make more, but ofc i want to know honest oppinions on it.

Click here to see the vid 

MAKE SURE TO READ THE DISCRIPTION, all the info ab the interview is there so you understand it better when listening, MAKE SURE TO WEAR HEADPHONES OFC, i made it half 360 sound, you hear my oc Axel Griffin on the right, then the interviewer Ronald Ledger writing and shuffeling on the left.

If you want to look at my YT channel Then click here

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