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Do Not Interact if...

- Bigoted (homophobic transphobic racist etc... you know)
- You use the 'toothpaste' flag (the blue and green one LEL)
- Refer to yourself as an 'IRL'
- Proship/profic or think that fiction doesn't affect reality
- MYCT blogs

That's it. YAY!

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tf is a ' toothpaste flag ' n what's wrong with irls . .

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LOL The toothpaste flag is that one MLM flag that's green and blue with the white stripe in the middle, I don't want people who associate it to interact with me :P and I just don't like the term 'IRL' because. I mean. I just don't get it. If you're (not you directly, just in general) have psychosis, I don't mind at all because that's really none of my business but I just don't like the term 'IRL'

by Sylvia; ; Report

what exactly is wrong with that flag ??? i've never heard someone who had smth against it, i'm tryin to educate myself < / 3 .

by KADE .; ; Report

I'm not a lesbian so take my words with a grain of salt, but a lot of people don't like it because it's a color invert of the lesbian flag, and the flag was made to mirror the lesbian flag so that they matched, just inverted. One of the problems with that that a lot of lesbians point out is that the gay flag and lesbian flag don't *need* to match, and that there's really no reason for the flags to match and yadda yadda... I mainly don't like the flag because in my experience a lot of weird people use it and it just annoys me. But no hate to you if you use it! I just don't want people who use it to interact with me. I probably worded my DNI wrong ^^" I didn't mean to sound so aggressive

by Sylvia; ; Report

no worries, i understand completely . thank you for explaining !!

by KADE .; ; Report