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A little bit about my melody!

Pin by aleya ♡ on ꒰ ♡ sanrio ꒱ | Hello kitty, Sanrio characters, Kittyhii there! i suck at doing stuff like this because writing is really not my thing at all, but anyways in this first blog im gonna talk a little bit about a Sanrio character more specifically my melody

she's Hello Kitty‘s best friend, is a white rabbit from the Japanese characterization company Sanrio. When she debuted, she was portraying Little Red Riding Hood in her version of the classic fairy tale. That is why she wears a red or most of the time a pink hood that covers her ears, often having a bow or a flower on her right side. She is a very honest, good-natured girl. Her favorite food is almond pound cake. She was born on January 18th in the magical forest of Mariland, the home to many of her friends. Her birthday is on January 18. She has a younger brother named Rhythm and a cousin called little forest fellow. 

her first debut ever was on the 1975 and she was created by Yasuko Matsumoto.

she's one of my favorite characters from sanrio like ever, she's just so cute and i really enjoy her design and the color palette they used on her. 

well i think this is all for this first blog, byeee see you next time!

Pin by aleya ♡ on ꒰ ♡ sanrio ꒱ | Hello kitty, Sanrio characters, Kitty

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