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how to deal with boredom?

i've not been to school in weeks, i've not gotten any motivation to head back to my favorite social networks, hard to get active, shower, eat, do normal things, and when i do or dont do something im just judged, i eat for the first in a bit "look at that serving! you're gonna get fat!" great, back to starving, but not the point. i'll wake up, and lay in bed on tiktok waiting hours for my boyfriend to get home from work to just do barely anything, then he goes to sleep cause he has work in the morning and now im sitting here online for hours, i've binged watched youtube documentaries and iceberg videos that i'm barely listening to since im online my laptop doing.. literally nothing. i'm really bored, i'll start school again soon and hopefully start at the gym again, but really do i just sit here empty and bored until then? even when at school i have no friends, the only thing keeping me occupied is assignments which is why i have such good grades. not to mention im starting at a new school.

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