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This is just a general DNI (do not interact) list, please try to respect it :)

(You are free to interact if none of this applies to you)

- anti-shipper/fanti/etc. (if you do not harass/dox/threaten people over fictional characters, you're welcome to interact, but be aware that i do enjoy dead dove content.)

- racist/homophobic/transphobic/ableist/etc.

- if you actively post/talk about zhongchi/tartali, kaeluc/luckae, and other ships listed on our system carrd. (please read everything on that carrd in regards to our system's DNI, it's extremely important)

- if you support AI art as it currently is (it's widely considered to be art theft as of posting this blog)

- if you read/write/draw nsfw content of REAL children

- if you think femboy is a slur (i am trans and use this term. please stop trying to make words into slurs when they are not. you can dislike a word without it being a slur)

- if you use slurs that you cannot reclaim (using the n-word when you aren't black for example)

Some stuff you should know before following:

i ship a lot of stuff! mostly mlm ships.. here are a few!

Genshin Ships:

zhongli x venti, aether x venti, kaeya x venti, diluc x venti

aether x scaramouche, ayato x scaramouche, childe x scaramouche, kazuha x scaramouche

cyno x tighnari

chongyun x xingqiu

kazuha x heizou

alhaitham x kaveh

aether x lyney, neuvillette x lyney, wriothesley x lyney

aether x freminet, wriothesley x freminet

Vocaloid Ships:

kaito x len, gakupo x len

fukase x piko, vy2 x piko

miku x rin, luka x rin, meiko x rin, gumi x rin, flower x rin

mikoto x hime (nonbinary icons <3)

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