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lost haha

omg I'm seeing a lot of cool blogs I'm kinds jealous haha i would really like to personalize my blog like this but I think that this is possible just for computer users and I don't have one ;(

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Actual Acorn

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nah it's possible for phone users, it'll probably look weird tho

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really? how do I do it? o-o

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you have to get a layout CSS code, copy it and paste it into the "about me" section in your profile editor.

unless you mean the literal blog posts which is more complicated. when you're editing your blog, you have to go into html mode by clicking the little <> in the top right corner then paste your CSS in there. Profile CSS is not always 100% compatible with blog CSS so you will need some basic knowledge of CSS to edit it for your blog, which is why barely anyone has custom CSS in their blogs.

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aah i think i got it! thank you for the advice ~♡♡

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