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an intro to yours untruly ✩

Hey there! 

i wanted to do a short intro about myself for funsies and because i didn't want to clutter my profile with too much info lol. so... hello there people on my laptop, my name is martin! but i mostly go by mars (or tintin. that's also fun). i'm an indonesian animation student in his first year of college as of 2023. deadlines are hell so i thought i might stop over at spacehey to indulge in some nostalgia :] here are some fun facts about me:

✪ i have a softspot for foresty aesthetics (i blame night in the woods, warrior cats, over the garden wall and multiple fantasy novels that i read for this)

✪ i'm an animal jam veteran, i very vaguely remember the beta days...i rarely log on nowadays but i'm still up for AJ talks!

✪ i had a scratch account!! maybe i could find my old friends here? i made a new account to reconnect with them last year but life got in the way (again) and i haven't logged on since... :[

✪ my first anime was hetalia. i remember discovering it on deviantart and it hasn't left me since. not that i have any complaints bc it genuinely means a lot to me despite its cursed nature ToT kiku honda you will always be the loml

✪ i have like. this weird connection to rhythm games. i've always been drawn to them for some reason??? i used to play bandori, prosekai, and love live! my most recent rhythm games are no straight roads and groove coaster (but i only ever play that when i go to the local arcade heh)

✪ indie RPGs exploring the character's relationships with each other and the world sprinkled with clever humor and angst will always Get Me. bonus points if it's set in a small secluded town. i'm looking at you night in the woods

✪ i'm into podcasts and listen to them from time to time, so feel free to spill some recommendations or chat to me about it :] welcome to nightvale, the orbiting human circus and dreamboy will always have a place in my heart. especially wtnv! it really influenced my writing style

that's all the fun facts about myself i can think about atm. i gotta tend to my finals project(s) now. see ya!

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