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Humanity is good sometimes

Just had to share a witness of humans being cute today. My friend group and I were painting on a hill by the beach until myself and one other friend decided to walk up the hill to go to the snack shack nearby. The snack shack was closed so we had to head back towards the hill when the opportunity to roll down the hill struck us. There were a couple of people nearby, including a different, much larger group of teenagers. I guess these people were watching my friend and I take turns rolling down the hill (it was super fucking fun) because about 10 minutes later, people found the confidence to start doing it too. I don't know why, but it was just really cute watching people throw away their fear of being judged for doing stupid things in public. Literally everyone in the vicinity started doing it and it was literally just the best thing to watch. They all had so much fun. 10/10 experience.

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haha, that sounds rad. I'd like to roll down a hill sometime. Did you do it like.. sideways? in a ball?

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Super late to responding to this, but we literally just extending our arms above our heads and rolled down like planks LOL

It was super fun but I don’t recommend wearing belts while doing it. Rolling down like a plank kills your hips.

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Hahahaha. I need to try that. Thanks for the tip

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