For Love

 For love, a strange endeavor of many different kinds and ways,

  It can hurt, be as bitter as the first and as sweet as the last,

  It can be a warm embrace or the sun rays from a lover's gaze,

  It can be words from a parent and the trust they had smashed.

  For love, can be evil and wicked, tearing every piece of you apart,

  Causes tears and pain, words blackening your brain,

  Insecurities and breakdowns make you want to restart,

  Clinging to hope you’ll never hurt again.

  For love, can be pure and sweet, dripping through every crack left behind,

  wipes the tears, soothes the brain with warm words and kind hands,

  there is no better love to find, 

  Then the love that understands.

  For love can grow ugly like the thorns around my every body part,

  For love can grow beautiful like the roses piercing my heart.

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