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hello, my name’s wolf, mr. wolf. i’m autistic, gay, and schizophrenic. you can call me moe if you want.

i am an irl, please do not separate me from myself. i have a few other me’s, but this is my highest one.

i am also:

  • luigi (super mario)
  • johnny cade (the outsiders)
  • herbert west (re—animator)
  • daniel larusso (the karate kid/cobra kai)
  • megamind (dreamworks)
  • wall-e (disney)
  • puss in boots
  • jason todd (dcu)
  • deadpool (marvel)
  • yakko warner (animaniacs)
  • nico di angelo (pjo/hoo)
  • spinel (steven universe)
  • norman babcock (paranorman)
  • edward elric (fullmetal alchemist)

    i will make a full post of the me’s someday, but today is not that day, because honestly, i don’t have the time for that. i’m supposed to be robbing a bank.

    good day.

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