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Music recs-?!HEEEEELP


I usually listen to bjork, radiohead and stereolab but I need some new shit in mah life!

plz recommend everything and anything im desperate for some new music!

I like fast paced stuff but I fuck wit slow stuff sometimes too :D

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the veer union is one of my favorite bands!! some songs to check out are 'living but not alive', 'i will make it out', and 'when the world awakens' :D

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i would reccomend eternity ward and lollyland tour by madotspooki! lollyland tour in paticular has some visuals that could be associated with a "clown vibe" if that interests you! although it's mostly a more candy-like vibe. i'm sure you'll still like them both though. i would also reccomend some of the music nashimoto-p makes as it's pretty cool sounding vocaloid rock.

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Check out TOOL (if you havent) changed my damn life.

i have also been in a VKEI binge lately, BUCK-TICK, L'arc-en-Ciel, Malice Mizer and Psycho le cému are some of my favorites! if you want specific song recs feel free to IM me ^_^

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maria 𖤐

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If you’re looking for something then I would recommend the album candyass from the band orgy. I personally like the song "revival" because it features Jonathan Davis from Korn.

But if that’s not something you like, then try Soundgarden or Alice in Chains :)

For something fast/paced: I recently found this band called "Angelmaker" and their song "Leech", but it’s definitely not for everybody.

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mae !!

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if you're in a slower mood at all i'd recommend echo and the bunnymen! they're a very dreamy sort of sounding gothic rock!

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pls try humanistic - abandoned pools !! I think it'd be an album you'd enjoy : 3

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EVIE!!!! >:3

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my fav album everrrr is woodland by the paper kites <33 it's nothign like what u usually listen to so ir's the perfect way to branch out!!!!! also 100 gecs scratches my brain quite nicely :3

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