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does anyone else remember Onverse?

Tried to make this post last night but my internet went out and deleted my progress >.<

I remember that in the early 2010s there was an MMO named Onverse. It was 3D and very of its time (2000s), with loads of y2k fashion. 

It averaged about 100 players every day when I was playing, there were 'celebrities' (people who have been playing for a long time/spent a ton of money on the game), a gambling system, tools you could get to dig up currency or items with, pretty strange lore (something about aliens?) and loads of ways to clip out of bounds and go to the older versions of the hub world.

There were quite a lot of 'realms' in the game, ranging from holiday/event themed ones to really pretty worlds with houses you could buy and decorate in, and it had a pretty active roleplaying scene, too.

There were also events held by moderators that rewarded players' platforming skills with IGC. They were pretty fun!

Just making this post to see if anyone else remembers it! It was a big part of my childhood and seeing as its very 2000s I thought I'd bring it up here lol

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Memories by Wayne

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Absolutely! I joined up during the beta days around Thanksgiving 2009 and was there until it shut down. I wasn't on there as much as some. But I had my nice little 2 story villa on Island #10 I enjoyed decorating, going PP hunting. As well as playing Icefall and Splatball. Had a lot of fun on there. Made a few friends that I still connected to and chat with today. I was TheScripter. :-)

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No way! I wasn't sure if I'd find anyone else who played Onverse, lol!

The games were definitely pretty fun. I think my favorite pastime was chatting with other people in the Hub while PP farming, but the huge events that everyone got involved in were also great.

I remember never being able to settle down in a certain world when it came to my home, but the forest area was my favorite out of all of them.

Glad to see another player!

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