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I'm in my Mum’s car Vroom vroom

This beautiful beige Mercedes 1998 keeps stressing me out. I might just take it out of my life for good. It was originally my mom's car but needed it to be mine so I bought it from her. It gave me very little problems besides a few light bulbs going out and that time I leaked half a tank of gas because my fuel gas tank needed to be replaced. Then one day, December 12th to be exact, a stupid red car rear-ended me in the FREEWAY going like 70 MPH causing me to crash into another car and spin out a few times before I finally ended up on the slower side of traffic. A firefighter car had to push me and my car out cuz Mercy and I were both stuck. I named her Mercy and I'm really sad because it looks like I won't be able to fix her and if I do it can cost up to 8 grand. All I really need is my trunk fixed so it can close and an alignment. If anyone wants to get a better look the model is C230. Or please teach me how to insert on here. Moral of the story, be careful of your surroundings and don't try to guess what other drivers are about to do. Be careful out there on the road. 

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