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[ignore this sappy sentimental crap]

this site is getting a really special place in my heart.

i feel like i can live out some of what my growing up on the internet should have been - as someone who i can finally say, i genuinely am.

so i hope, as dark a corner of the internet this is, it doesn't go away any time soon. 🌠

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ugh this is very sweet, and pretty relatable! some of us have changed drastically since the formative years, and some of us never got to experience it the way we would’ve liked, myself included.

it sounds cheesy but the limited experience i’ve had with SpaceHey has been therapeutic for me, for self-discovery. personally, i’ve come to the realization that i spent my entire teenage years socially masking without even realizing it. i don’t mask here.

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but right?? you took the words straight out of my mouth.

in retrospect, i feel like i had been sleepwalking my whole life, until about 2 years ago when i started figuring myself out. having a platform like this to try and reclaim all those lost years of self-expression is ★

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