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heres an autistic essay about how amazing mcr is to me

bro i love my chemical romance so much i love it so much!!

i love im not okay i promise. the fucking video. the music video. everything about it is so entrancing. i want more every time i see it. every part of it is so relateable and makes me feel seen as the dorky loser i am. 

i love watching live performances by mcr. theyre so weird. theyre so great. theyre amazing. i love how weird gerald is on stage he just fucks around and hes awesome. everyone loves him. and if everyone loves him for being weird and hes totally iconic then that means there are other people like me out there and people who can see being weird as totally fucking awesome. i can see myself as totally fucking awesome because every member of mcr is so fucking lame but so fucking cool. ive never felt seen like this. nothing has ever hit me so hard. i finally understand feeling understood by shit. i know emo memes are "no one understands me" but mcr has literally had the opposite effect. i didnt even know i felt alone

i love the storylines behind three cheers, black parade, and danger days. i love them. i love that even when i loved the albums there was more to learn. more meaning. more shit behind them. characters, plot, story telling. i love storytelling. i love the messages behind them. i love the way they handled grief and complex issues and politics and all the fucking shit they did while still making it sound fuckin awesome. its awesome. theyre awesome. its all so awesome!!

i love bullets. i just really feel like i could lie on the ground playing it loudly out of my speakers with a ton of friends and just fuckin listen. and not get bored. just chill together and listen to bullets. the vibes and its so good and agrfrngnrgng. and the LYRICS. and the way gerald sounds!! and the GUITAR. the gUITAR. o h my god it just slams into all the right places its the perfect sounds of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!! 

i love mama!!! its one of the first my chemical romance songs i ever heard. i found out abt it from the 'transgender line' (i know that its not supposed to be that in the storyline but stfu) and i loved that line! i loved it! and i remember the first time i decided to give the rest of the song a listen. (i sound like a fucking poser but i didnt know jack shit about emo anything at the time, i was like 13 and i only listened to music i heard off tiktok which is fair) I. and i cannot stress this enough. ASCENDED. at that fucking guitar climax. i remember thinking to myself "this is what an eargasm is. this is what theyre fucking talking about. oh my god this is so good????" i just knew that was the best shit i had ever heard in my life. i had to put my headphones down for a second. im not exaggerrating. and there was NO ONE in the room with me (i was ashamed of listening to mcr becuz i didnt want ppl calling me emo hahaha look at me now) its not even like i was putting on a show for anyone. i genuinely believed, AND STILL DO, it was the greatest thing i had ever heard. AND IT IS! but now i can listen to all the other songs this epic band has made

im so glad i listened to this shit. its literally amazing. theres a reason mcr is my favourite band

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