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A great day, a milestone

holy shit i beat super hexagon. our dad bought the game for us 10 years ago and i finally fucking beat it. i have been playing it since i was eight. wow.

Cadence: It is quite exciting, isn't it?

Timbre: yeah

Ambie: we also listened to happy fun songs and felt nice while biking to class!

Cadence: It was nice to see Timbre smile, for once.

Ambie: pshhh you know he smiles all the time when he laughs at his own jokes <w<

Timbre: hey fuck you

Ambie: oh we also are nearly finished with the first season of Vinland Saga!! we've been watching it while we eat dinner every night for nearly a month now uwu

Timbre: fucking wild that we started watching the show just because it looked interesting and then the second season just happened to drop as soon as we started. also ambie thinks thorkell is hot

Ambie: hey!!!! (눈//⁠‸⁠//눈)

Cadence: Can you two stop taking pot-shots at each other for even a minute? I'll take the liberty of changing the subject for you. In other news, we've been rereading Solo Leveling in preparation for the upcoming TV adaptation and the currently running epilogues.

Timbre: you say that like we didn't literally finish it last night

Cadence: I was speaking in past tense. It's something that has been occupying our time, therefore we have indeed been doing it. Aren't you the one usually complains about people starting semantic arguments?

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