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Spacehey is like a Safespace

I dont know, I just randomly discovered this place when looking at images for Over The Garden Wall and I feel like I stumbled into some random place, but I feel like I could be whoever I want here.

Anyways, heres a nice little poem about Spacehey.

In SpaceHey, a world so new,

A place to express and share,

To create a space that's true,

And show the world who you are.

With simple tools to choose,

Design your own abode,

Add pictures, text, and hues,

To make your space a show.

A place for memories to keep,

A journal for your thoughts,

A portfolio for others to peep,

A space that's uniquely yours.

So come and join the fun,

In SpaceHey, where you can be,

The best version of yourself,

In a space that's uniquely free.

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v cool beans poem 10/10 *hands u sandwich of destruction* eat it wisely ...

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Do you just have like a magicians hat full of stolen sandwiches?

by kiwi; ; Report

no... pocket which has void which has sandwiches and sometimes i can send the ppl who died bcuz of my sandwiches into my void just for their body to be ripped to shreds but that hasn't happened yet i have lots of lore hehe(。・∀・)ノ゙

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Might do some more poetry sometime.

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