Dear whoever decides to read this, 

This year has already been horrid. 

Its the 26th day and ive already lost my grandmother, my job and one of my significant others. Ive been humiliated online by them and they dont seem to care. 

Ive been toxic in the past and ive made mistakes. 

Ive learned from my decisions and ive made progress with my healing and mental health. 

Im doing my best to keep my anger and frustration under control because honestly? I want to rage. I want to tell my ex off. I want to put them on blast too. But i know better than that. Theres no reason to pull that kind of shit. Even as a retaliation. 

Being humiliated does not mean i have the right to be intentionally malicious. Even if they are. 

If uve read thru this, thanks. Stay tuned. 

Ill probably end up making this a kind of journaling exercise. 


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