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Pincurling my Hair Saga - 2

Night Before

O M G is pincurling hard!!! I went to the store for my treat-myself day and I bought pincurling clips (I was going to use bobby pins but they make totally flat clips, and I think they'll be comfy to sleep in?) and 2 sets of foam rollers (medium + large), watched The Breakfast Club, then showered and tried curling.

The foam roller stand-up ones were super easy - I haven't gotten the gist of getting them super tight at the base yet but it's no problem I think. I couldn't manage 3 rows of 5 though, I got 2 rows of 3. I guess I have a small head??? or I made them too large, guess I'll find out. 

The real beast was those flat pincurls. I have very, very, very long hair. With the foam rollers they helped tuck the ends and the rest of the hair in as I went, but trying to roll a curl by hand... it's terrible. What I ended up doing was grabbing my ribbon of hair maybe 6 inches away from my head, using 2 fingers on my right hand to serve as a "roller" while my left hand flattened and rolled the ends of my hair around my 2 fingers. Then I slid off my "roll", stuck my right pointer finger and my left pointer finger in my hair, and rolled the two inside of my hair roll until it reached my scalp, where I then pinched it, laid it flat, and clipped.

It took me a while to figure that ^ out so I was getting kind of frustrated with my hair and I was making my pincurls wayyyy larger than they should've been. This kind of inadvertently worked out though because I had run out of pins! I only have 2 bobby pins (no clue how) so I had to use my foam rollers for the ends of my hair. I used 2 large foam rollers and then 4 medium ones for the ends.

So.... I strayed pretty far from the diagram and I know I need to get more pins (sidenote, I spent almost FIFTY DOLLARS! at the drugstore. I got more stuff to satisfy my vintage desires - one which I already wish I could return which was a disappointing $15 - but MAN! why are pins so expensive?!) but hopefully the more I do this the better it goes.

And if all else fails tomorrow, I have head scarves!

Morning After

ok sleeping in that was NOT FUN. The flat pins were ok as long as I slept kind of angled so I was more on the middle/end of the pin rather than the base (where you pinch it to open) but OMG THE FOAM ROLLERS. They were the absolute worst!! And they're rubber, foam, and plastic - not metal!!

Anyways I did manage to sleep and I actually had a nightmare that I took out my curls, brushed my hair, and then showered so I lost everything lmao but I won't be doing that!!

Brushed out


I could not for the life of me get the no-part pulled-back look that I was going for, and when i first started brushing I looked like some 80s nightmare. But I flipped my hair to the side and started putting in this like hair gel/lotion/pomade thing I had only on the frizz and ?!?! I LOOK OK??

For whatever reason, the longer back curls basically disappeared immediately. It's just kinda really voluminous hair down my back. I'm blaming that on the lack of pin curls. BUT THE FRONT??

20s brunette hairstyle - brunette hairstyles - Woman And Home | Finger  waves short hair, Finger wave hair, Vintage short hair

This is what's going on at the front (with tons of huge floof at my ears and down my back, if you can imagine that)

I'm so torn about what I should do with my loose ends because around my face it seriously looks incredible. Not what I was going for and not as 40s as I'd like, but still so pretty!!?

Definitely going to try with pins and maybe I'll put that hair lotion in my hair as I'm rolling it up. And perhaps try to figure out a blow dryer because one of the back curls was still slightly damp at the ends somehow, I think that was why it disappeared. Hard to dry out a roller. and yet, I did all of my front "bangs" with stand up rollers so?!?

I'm not sure if this was a success or fail but anyways, I was planning on wearing a sweater today but I'm terrified of ruining my hair so. probably gonna rock a dress.

just a quick note... this is pretty much exactly what it looked like when I started brushing so I guess I know how to get 80s hair if I want

80s Hairstyles: 40 Epic Looks Making A Comeback in 2021

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my hair is 2B/2C but back when my hair was long if i wanted that extra "wow" factor i would do what you did except instead of flat clips i used bobby pins. 0/10 would not recommend but tbh i never thought to try flat clips until you mentioned it

also, for future reference, comb curly hair with a wide-toothed comb ;) your scalp will thank you

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also! check out jessica kallgren-fozard's youtube channel! she has a vintage aesthetic that i absolutely ADORE and she does hair & make-up tutorials <3

by pastelprincess2001; ; Report

ohh ok... i'm like 1c at most lol. i know combs are good for curls but every (and i mean EVERY) video i could find from the 40s showed brushes! and i was able to get that super defined wave with a brush so my brain is just

i already know and love jessica!!! i think i've seen every vintage youtuber there is lol. but i ended up loving my hair anyways, by the end of the day it was like that dreamy blowout perm you'd see in magazines and cd covers in the 80s. i'm so used to having limp oily hair clinging to my face so having that much fluff just made me!!! <:,)

by Motte; ; Report