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who i am

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I suppose this is the bit where I introduce myself and say a bit about myself. I live in the UK and am in year ten I sew paint cross-stitch and act I express myself best through my art and its a good thing, because I can capture my emotions in the moment though, lately its been pretty consistent. im not going to tell you who I am as I suspect it will just be like a little diary for me to look back on but I figure if I make it public ill be more inclined to post so here I am. 

i can maybe track my progress through my art and hopefully see my improvements but i guess thats it just a little summury of what this is about 

I will probably do a lot of random posts for different posts as when i get bored i get distracted i should really be doing drama homework right know but i think thats its  ridiculous since the homework was only set because we wouldn't be in school on a snow day i did this lesson twice wrote out 2 scripts but it was lost in the washing machine RIP so now i have to do it again this feels ridiculous, oh i just saw the time i have to be up in 6 hours but i dont really care 

anyway i guess if anyone does read this weird but i guess thats why its public lol anyway 

sea of cereal out 

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