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Madeleine headcanons!

I’m bored, and I figured I might as well post headcanons for certain characters! Starting with the adoptive mother of the boy with the cuckoo clock heart!⚙️ 

She’s a lesbian. 
Autistic. She’s odd in public (talking about facts about tears in public before Jack meets Acacia), is often involved with technology (throughout the movie, her odd methods involving replacing or aiding certain organs or injuries with technology, and is also shown to have a LOT of clocks, gears, etc in her workroom, meaning they could be a hyperfixation of hers). She also doesn’t show a lot of emotion, but CLEARLY feels a lot of them. Perhaps she has trouble expressing herself. 
She had a mother who was misogynistic and wanted her to be “normal” and a father who supported Madeleine, but was abused by said mother. She and him loved to tinker with technology. One of the tombs I think I saw near the house in a shot would be where her dad would be, presumably dying of old age. 

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