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Wow it's funny. Haters already blocking me. And for what? Yall don't even know me,never even spoke to me yet you blocking me already. Because I have strict rules of who I talk to? 

Because you a player? You don't like what I like? Because I'm different. W/e. You right you don't know a damn thing about me. 

You should love yourself then Holla back. 


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There's been a few times I'll try to leave a comment just to see "Error: This user has blocked you" and I've never seen the user before. I guess people like to block here, once I even saw one comment to a new user saying "Send out lots of friend requests but also make sure to block frequently" Or something.

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Interesting. I'm still trying to get the lay of the land so to speak. Honestly I don't remember what myspace was like other then I made alot of friends with similar interests. That was over 20 yrs ago and I'm still friends with them on Facebook. LOL.

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Cranky Old Witch

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Meh. What would they add to your life anyway? Good riddance to them!

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Ikr. I just don't understand how someone on jump can just block you instantly from a damn profile. Makes no sense to me. I'm not like that. I just don't talk to minors for obvious reasons.

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Well, if it's minors, they might be otherwise inclined to send out friend requests without reading a profile first, so blocked you rather than make that mistake?

Also, your profile is alphabet friendly, so I figure a couple of knuckle-dragging three-backs might've blocked you just for that.

Anyway, who really knows? Moreover, who really cares?

Better off!

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Three backs?

Lol yeah

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Well I'm using my phone majority of the time anyways lol

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Remember in middle school? They taught us about human evolution. There was some chart depicting all of the stages of human development from the earliest primates to modern humans.

The people we're describing her are about 'three back' on that chart ;)

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Lol no I don't remember that but I get what you're saying.

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