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Root's Eventlog 40

Eventlog 40


Sup? It's been yet another week.

I haven't been doing much. Still been going to classes. Criminology is probably my favorite funilly enough, that or my (basically) secruity principals course. Both profs really care and do a good job teaching. Multivatiable Calculus would get a higher score if only it wasn't a calculus class. Math is not my job, its a computer's. Software engineering is, a disapointment. That's only because the prof is an old geezer that is kinda missing the fact that we're college students and not entrapenures. Capitalisim is not what I'm trying to learn gramps, I'm not gonna come up with the next big app, I'm gonna make/maintain it. There's a difference. Please.

Moving on... I finished Half Life: Alyx. Game was shorter than I thought but danm was it fun. That game alone makes the index way more worthwhile honestly. It's really fun, and had workshop content so I might even pick it up again after a while.

On the topic of vr stuff. Chillout VR has a world with ducks, they walk around and shit. You can (kinda) feed them too. It's cute. There was a similar place in VRC(that has higher production value tbh) but its nice to see a new take on it here. Hoping the game gets more content. Speaking of...


Here's the progress on my project so far. Got all the buildings modeled, need to work on textures still but that wont be too bad.

Also learning how to (better) use Unity's UI system to re-build spaceheys site into something viewable here in CVR. The project is somewhat modular so when I'm done it's gonna go up on github and you can use it yourself to make your own profile, blog, bullitins into a VR experience.

You can view some pictures here

Still looking for another user's page to put in here, as well as ten bulitins. I'll probably start reaching out to specific people on my own next week but I would much rather have someone reach out so if interested, please Instant Message me here on spacehey or on discord(check my profile).


What are yall's thoughts on VR? Is it cool, or lame nerd shit? Why?

Drink water :>

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Math is not my job, it's a computer's.

i felt that in my soul.

YOOO your VR project is so cool! i don't have enough money atm to get a VR system, but i think they're super neat!

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