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the online game from 2006 that is back: gosupermodel

the only reason im sharing this game is bc it was my entire childhood and i always share "relic" websites in here lol, so i thought might as well. id like to make an entire collection of old games that are still up and running some time :)

a little about the game:

- it looks EXACTLY as it did almost 2 decades ago. if you want to go down a time capsule of what games were like back then, this is def fun for that.

- a lot of the ppl playing the games rn are above 18 bc we knew of it! but its also 90% women in there, a lot of queers, so its personally for me rly comfy in there bc its not kids dominated but a place for ppl in their 20s & above to have a game to play

- theres only one body type sadly and only the female gender to be picked (idk why they dont make the game more inclusive, but we are talking ab a game that is a carbon copy of the 2000s)

- a lot of things to collect, create magazines, looks, SUPER active forums and create/take tests, play games, etc.,

link to it:

my model, feel free to add me: @catra.

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youre welcome!!

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