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DOES anyone that plays vr chat

hey it me violet , i have a question to ask does anyone still use this and if soo does anyone play a vr game called vr chat and if so you should add me on my vrc ACC its a really fun game to play and it not for people that use a chorme book its or windows or any type of PC but anyway if you don't mind add me I am looking for some homies to chill and vibe with 

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i do! i actually make avatars for it, and i have an index/fbt :0

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nice we should play sometime

by mentallyillshawty; ; Report

we should! my user is silenxce feel free to add me :D

by Sile; ; Report

i just added you

my acc

itsjustviolet <3

by mentallyillshawty; ; Report

ooh, okay!! accepted :3

by Sile; ; Report

how long have you been playing vrc?
and how long have you had spacehey ( do you know other on vrc that have spacehey?

by mentallyillshawty; ; Report

i've been playing vrchat for roughly 4-5 years, but i got spacehey 2 days ago LOL!! i do not know others :((

by Sile; ; Report

oh I got spacehey a day ago bc I seen it on tictok but got vrc for a year now..but I hope we can hang out on vrc soon

by mentallyillshawty; ; Report

yeah for sure!! :DD

by Sile; ; Report

Cool do u have discord

by mentallyillshawty; ; Report

i do! it's silenxce#4917

by Sile; ; Report