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dni/byf ( ;´ - `;)

hello there! before you follow/interact, please check the following <3

- do not friend me if you are below the age of 14. i would feel weird talking to anyone below that age.

- dni at all if you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, a p*dophile, and any other type of shit like that. i will never tolerate it.

- i do not interact with dark content. but i'm fine with blood, knives, etc as long as they're not actually being put to use or are just fictional.

- do not interact or follow if your ships include anything i*sestuous or p*dophilic.

- this account is a safe space! my messages will always be open whether you need to vent or just want to chat! i love talking to people, especially if we share similar interests! i may be a bit shy though-.

if you have any questions, please let me know! ଘ( ິ•ᆺ• )ິଓ

- alyssa 1/26/23

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