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The Girl On The Moon

the girl on the moon

walked and cried

as she thought about

how her parents lied

about where she was from

outer space

but even she could tell

by the look on their face

she knew she was

a girl from earth

a bit different

since her birth

all she really wanted

was to fit in

to finally feel comfortable

in her own skin

to not get looked at

like she was an outcast

to not get sat

at the back of every class

an earth girl abandoned

and sent to the moon

how crazy is that

what kind of a loon

would send their kid

to outer space

so far away

before she even saw their face

what did she even do

to get sent away

"it's all because of you"

her mind would say

"you did something wrong.

it's all YOUR fault."

so she decided her life

should come to a halt

she walked over the moon

saying her goodbyes

for that was the day 

the girl on the moon died.

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