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ALBUM REVIEW: Fetch the Bolt Cutters -Fiona Apple

Ah, where to begin. This album is like an old friend to me. This album definitely fuels my parasocial relationship with miss apple. This is probably the album that has touched me more than any other. I could tell a story for each song. The album begins with a beautiful existential plea for love and an incredible showcase of vocal talent. Hitting the last note in one piece always leaves me with a purple face ! This album feels like a cathartic shroom trip. Listen to this album when you’re in a dark place, let mother stroke your head while you sob. Listening to Relay a thousand times has allowed me to move past some of the hardest times of my life, all while being a fucking banger. This album is that best friend that tells you it’s going to be ok but you have to get back up. It’s pissed off funny and warm. It’s authentic, complete with a beautiful choir of Apple and Cara Delevingne’s (yeah, she’s singing backing vocals) dogs in the titular song.  Apples sister was actively breastfeeding during the background vocals of newspaper. When I listen to this album, especially on my beloved Aubergine vinyl, I teleport to the room it was recorded in. I’m sitting on a rug in her living room watching the magic happen around me. If I could only have been a fly on the wall. As the album goes on I get filled with strength from her words. Apple understands that when you’re singing along, you are saying the words you’re saying. Words have power, and this album is empowering. Whether it’s under the table, relay, ladies, heavy balloon, for her, on I go, any of them; I feel filled with a positivity and confidence that I’ll make it through. With songs like relay, newspaper, and drumset I get to release things I hold in without feeling shame. Fetch the bolt cutters is a refreshing breath of life that gets you dancing and singing like a morning bird ♡ 

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