my boyfriend

can I just go on about how I love this fucker ? I know he won't ever read this but I just wanna rant for a sec 

he is so sweet and caring and has saved me when I was at the worse I have ever been , I love them so much with my whole heart and soul , I would do anything for them and he deserves the absolute best in this whole world , I wanna take them to concerts and dance and sing with them , I wanna take him on lovey dates and buy them gifts and just smother them with all the love I can , I wanna cuddle them and watch dumb movies and make fun of them , I wanna watch a horror movie with them and just cuddle and kiss him . he always looks out for me and always makes sure im okay and safe and just god I dont know where I would be without them im actually so in love its crazy , I've never felt this way about someone its like its a whole new feeling , and I love it , I can't wait to give them all the gifts in this whole world , and just he listens and understands , and dosnt just say ' im sorry ' or ' I hope it gets better ' they actually care and love me and just they listen to the music I recommend them , they listen to me rant about the dumbest things just god I dont know where I would be without my angel I love them so so so so much , more then absolutely anything , I know he might never see this but I dont care , I love them so so fucking much , I just wanna marry them so bad and give them the happy ending he deserves I love them more then anything , I always will - A

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I’m squeaking sm…💜

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