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Stuffed animals are really fucking cool actually, the idea of an object being made just to be loved is something i will forever adore.

And the best part is these guys can last for years upon years of being loved, my mother has this stuffed cheeta her mother gave her way back when she was a baby, she still has it too.

I’ve had my fair share of stuffies I cherish more than anything, for me it’s the classic ty beanie babies, you can find them in alot of thrift stores if you search hard enough and those things make me smile, my personal favorite would be probably Gobbles, a turkey beanie baby who i’d take to my grandparents house every thanksgiving.

Sadly many of these stuffed animals have since been lost to time, but i’ve slowly been recollecting a handful of my all time favorites, currently im trying to find Magic the dragon or Swirly the snail.

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This reminds me of all the stuffed animals I had before I gave a ton away :[

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I used to have a few webkinz stuffies that had to be thrown away, out of 6 of them we had them the biggest loss for me was probably the rabbit or rainbow armadillo

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