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the new books i'm writing in Wed novel

Β  Β this is one of books I'm currently writing its about a world where humanity has to go into these portals to another world (known as gates) to get cluse on how to save their planet from destruction. The mysterious system that appeared one day, gave humans a chance to save themselves from ruin and picked people strong enough to help. The ones chosen are called seekers.

Β Our main character is Raphaela Baptiste, a grumpy and mean gate cleaner, one day while cleaning a gate she is eaten by a monster that should have been dead and is stuck in limbo for 100,000 years, but she was not alone, a mysterious voice stayed with her through out all of it.

After given another chance, some how she was able to come back to life. She seeks to change her way of life and show people her kindness. Now awakened as a seeker she uses her ability to help others.


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Cool!! What's the name??

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its called "supporting others through kindness" ! thanks for asking (≧▽≦)

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