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crazy person ramblings: pokemon x

i have been playing this game nonstop for the past three days and its so much more fun than i ever remember it being. my current team includes delphox, blastoise, tyrantrum, lucario, floette, and roselia but im planning to switch tyrantrum out for noivern and floette for xerneas (still deciding on the second one). 

FOR ONCE I HAVE A PRETTY WELL BALANCED TEAM!!! i always used to play the games by the "i think that pokemon is cute, so it's going on my team" rule but this time around i am actually Using My Brain. and its significantly more fun to never lose with strong & cute pokemon instead of losing all the time with weak & cute pokemon.

next i plan to replay moon (ultra moon specifically, i lost my original moon game :c i had a rayquaza i could mega evo she was my baby) because while the new art style and all that is kinda uncomfortable i actually really enjoy the story and the different islands shtick and all that. then next im gonna do something like completing my pokedex in arceus cause i want to Get arceus

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