poetry for the overlooked

I always feel the need to write something but nothing I ever write is good enough . I want to bleed my soul onto these pages . So maybe one day, I'll write something that explains exactly the way I feel and ill finally find the write words to describe my pain , and maybe you can understand my mind .

I crave to be understood . How could I obsess over a feeling I've never even began to feel before ? I guess we all have that itch for something we've never experienced before . I've never felt understood and I'm trying to be okay with that . 

But in the back of my mind there's always that hunger for needing to be heard , needing to be felt. 

Before death , or after death , I will be felt .

I will create something so raw , so beautiful , you could bury it thousands of feet under the ground and people would still see the brightness and the warmth my mind created . -B

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