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❗DNI List

  • Homophobes/aphobes/transphobes/biphobes/racists/ableists/etc
  • Ace Exclusionists
  • Proshippers/lolicon/shotacon/zoophiles/pedophiles
  • Conservatives, pro-lifers
  • People who use religion as an excuse for bigotry and/or invalidate religious trauma
  • People who use the R-slur and/or say "kys"
  • People who unironically use incel terms like "friendzoned"
  • People who call others "cringy" over harmless interests (like being a furry)
  • People who frequently post sexual things, or things relating to drugs (meds are fine)
  • 20+ year olds
  • Any supporters/friends of Chris Darkheart, Reason: Lolicon, MAP/pedophile supporter, zoophile
  • Any supporters/friends of Queen of Floof, Reasons: Zoophile. And no, she hasn't changed as a person, she only lies claiming she has. 

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